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What's New


I'm looking forward to hosting the first annual Favourite Poems Event at the Pender Island Public Library - Sunday, April 12, 2 - 4 p.m. - our way of celebrating National Poetry Month.


Waiting for the Albatross, my fifth poetry collection, is coming out in Spring 2015 with Oolichan Books.  It features found poems I composed using fragments from a diary my father wrote in 1936 when, at age 21, he embarked on his first job as a deck hand on a freighter. It also includes a few prose vignettes from the diary and photos taken during the trip.

Two of my poems will be included in the forthcoming anthologies:  Alone Together (eds. Wayde Compton and Renee Saklikar) and Raising Lilly Ledbetter: Women Poets Occupy the Workspace (eds. Carolyne Wright and Mary Baylor (US: Lost Horse Press).

Photo Art:

Four of my photo art pieces are included in the Pender Island Photo Club's exhibit at the Slo Coast Coffee (until April 30).  And... the little store at Medicine Beach now carries my art cards.

Some of my photo art will be included in "Perspectives", an exhibit with visual artist Crystal Desharnais and felt artist Monica Bennett at SeaStar Vineyards in spring 2015 (May 29-31, Pender Island, BC).



Poetry fascinates me.  The math of it - that meticulous balancing of ideas, through image, metaphor and other devices; and the music of it - meticulous, again, that selection of words and their order until they sing. It's the kind of fascination that makes it not just possible, but essential and delightful (even when agonising) to spend hours, days, weeks and more honing a poem until it's as close to right as I can get it.  Then, after all the scribbling and tossing away and starting all over again; after all the tinkering and tweaking - the relief (if I'm lucky) of still being moved by the finished work. (As Horace said, "If you want to move me to tears, you must first feel grief yourself.") 

As a reader, these same things fascinate me - but in reverse order.  First, the elation when my initial experience of a poem is its unique melding of sound and sense so that, one way or another, it opens my heart, my mind, my eyes.  Then, the fun of sussing out the technical devices the poet used so well they slipped modestly into the background, allowing the poem as a whole to work its magic.   

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